Professional Food Styling for Cookbooks

Brian Preston-Campbell has styled over thirty cookbooks and recipe collections on a variety of subjects.

Some of the types of books Brian has worked on include baking books, cocktail books, general interest cookbooks, celebrity cookbooks, and single subject books.

The titles of his best work include:

  • Dede
    Unforgettable Desserts
    Dede Wilson

  • Sally
    Ice Cream
    Sally Sampson

  • Brian
    Cool Waters
    Brian Preston-Campbell

  • AJ
    Good Spirits
    AJ Rathbun

  • David
    Butch Bakery
    David Arrick

  • Kim
    101 Blender Drinks 101 Shots
    Kim Hassarud

  • Kim
    101 Tropical Drinks 101 Mojitos
    Kim Hassarud

  • Nancy
    Kneadlessly Simple
    Nancy Baggett

  • AJ
    Dark Spirits
    AJ Rathbun

  • Elizabeth
    Gluten Free Desserts
    Elizabeth Gordon

  • Peggy
    Party Dips Party Fondues
    Peggy Fallon

  • Janelle
    All We Ever Wanted Was Everything
    Janelle Brown